ExxonMobil lobbied against US sanctioning Iran, then used subsidiary to avoid sanctions, sez Sen. Schumer

January 12, 2017 (Windy Hill Beach) — Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State was criticized on the Senate floor yesterday for his company’s apparent efforts to profit from dealing with Iran rather than supporting US efforts to rein in the Islamic State’s aggression. Here’s an excerpt from Sen. Schumer’s floor speech:

… I am very concerned that despite the fact that we have registered lobbying disclosures from ExxonMobil itself, documenting their involvement in lobbying against Iran sanctions, Mr. Tillerson said this morning that Exxon did not lobby on sanctions, to his knowledge. This comes on top of recent reports that Exxon avoided Iran’s sanctions by dealing with Iran and other state sponsors of terrorism through a European subsidiary. This, too, is very concerning. It raises real questions as to whether the President-elect and his Cabinet are prepared to stand up to Putin, stand up to Iran, and represent the interests of the American people and defend our democratic allies around the world.

Source: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), “RUSSIA”, Congressional Record, January 11, 2017, p. S224

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